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Selous Reserve Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 2 x 1 ONLY $16,500 per Hunter!

Trophy Selous Cape BuffaloQuick View2019 / 2020
Hunt Cape buffalo in one of the last unspoiled places left in Africa! The Selous Reserve is Africa as it used to be. With no fences, no human residents and thousands of Cape buffalo, it just doen't get any better than this. And top it off with a second Cape buffalo on a 7 day hunt for only the trophy fee! This is the best deal on a Selous reserve Cape buffalo hunt, as the charter flight, firearms importation, licenses, all dip and pack and the trophy fee for the first buffalo is included in the price! read more

Hunt Beceite Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only 1x1 Bronze Medal Only $7,000

Beceite Ibex TrophyQuick View2019 / 2020
This is not your run-of-the-mill Beceite ibex hunt. You will shoot a minimum of a bronze medal ibex. With below-market pricing and with the VAT included, you can skip all of the red tape trying to figure out what an ibex hunt in Spain costs. Until you exceed the gold medal level, the all-inclusive pricing features simple add-ons for stepping up in medal levels. You will stay at a 5-star luxury hotel and be guided by one of Spain's best outfitters. read more


Going on an African hunting safari is one of life’s last greatest adventures. As Col. Craig Boddington so eloquently stated, “That first African safari is a truly life-changing event that can never be recaptured… although many of us spend much of our lives trying to regain that level of magic and excitement.” Whether it is a plains game safari or you start out hunting the big 5 or other dangerous game, the memories created by your safari will be unequalled by almost any other type of hunt.

South Africa and Namibia host the vast majority of the African continent’s plains game safaris. With the adoption of the private ownership concept of game management, game ranches have sprung up throughout these two countries. The number of plains game animals in these two countries has grown into the millions as a result of this game ranching growth. Most hunters start out hunting plains game and then gradually transition to dangerous game hunting as their African hunting skills grow. Dangerous game hunting in Africa is the pinnacle of many hunters’ accomplishments. Whether it is the taking of Africa’s “Big Five” or stalking a trophy hippo or croc, the thrill and satisfaction of successfully challenging Africa’s most dangerous animals cannot be equaled! Dangerous game hunting will take a hunter to many exotic remote locations that are seldom seen by civilized man. Once a hunter has experienced the thrill of staring down a roaring lion or faced the charge of a wounded Cape buffalo, their life will be changed forever. 

Discount African Hunts can help take much of the uncertainty out of the process of selecting and planning African hunting safaris. With their wide network of contacts and experienced African hunting safari outfitters, Discount African Hunts can make sure that you are booking with quality outfitters that will help make your African dream hunts a reality.

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ONLY $7,500 ALL-IN!




5 Day Hunt / 1x1



Hunting the Spotted Hyena in Africa

November 27, 2018 by John Martins

Spotted Hyena with a boneQuick ViewSpotted hyenas are not scavengers by nature.  The will hunt their prey unless they can drive another predator off its kill.  Hyenas tend to be opportunistic hunters.  The pack will tend to hunt when their prey will be at its most vulnerable, such as during inclement weather, or at night.  When hyenas spot their prey, they target the... read more

Hunting Zebra in Africa

September 22, 2018 by JM

Zebra at sunriiseQuick ViewZebras have no horns and are not trophy hunted in the same way as horned plains game.  The Safari Club International has no listings for zebra in their trophy book.  Because their hide is so spectacular, their trophy value is judged by its quality, size, and... read more

Hunting Trophy Giraffe in Africa

July 11, 2018 by TM

Beautiful Dark Bull GiraffeQuick ViewHunting giraffe in South Africa starts with locating its spoor.  It can be very difficult to place a proper shot after the animal is located. The hide is between 1.5 to 2 inches thick, and is time consuming to skin.  To give a relative idea of the size of a giraffe hide, consider that just the back skin alone is larger than the entire hide of a dairy cow. Giraffe have no trophy value except... read more


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