Bow Hunting in Africa

7 Day Bow Hunting Package in South Africa

Bow – Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $4,990 / HUNTER !!!

Eastern Cape Trophy Bow HunterQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a 7-day / 5-animal package bow hunt in South Africa's Eastern Cape. With over 55,000 acres on the main hunting concession and over 300,000 acres on the kudu and impala areas, this bow hunting plains game safari offers all of the hunting areas that you can handle! There are over 70 species of animals here, including Cape buffalo and rhino! read more

Bow Hunting Cull Package In Namibia

Bow Only 1x1   ONLY $2,350 / HUNTER !!!

Cull Blue Wildebeest in NamibiaQuick View2020 / 2021
Hunt central Namibia with a bow hunting only outfitter. 5 cull animals are included in this highly discounted bow hunting cull package and additional cull animals are available at a very attractive price. The lodge is 3-star and is very comfortable. Both elevated and permanent ground blinds are available to hunt from. read more

Spiral Horn Grand Slam Bow Hunt

Bow – Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $6,350 / HUNTER !!!

Eastern Cape Bow HuntingQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a 10-day bow hunt with trophy fees included for all 4 of South Africa's spiral horn antelopes. The safari will take place on 126 sq. miles of game-filled terrain that features 70 species of animals. In addition to the traditional African game, there are several exotics including hog deer, sambar and russa deer and even nubian ibex. Cape buffalo and rhino also roam this vast concession. read more

Namibia Bow Hunting 7-Day Package

Bow Only - 1x1 Only $3,950 All-in!

Red Hartebeest trophy with a bow in NamibiaQuick View2020 / 2021
Hunt out of specially constructed bow hunting blinds on one of Namibia's only bow hunting only outfitters. There are a lot of animals on this farm and you will have the opportunity to shoot animals daily. Stay at a comfortable lodge with great food and experience some of the bow hunting that only Africa can deliver for an exceptional price! read more

Plains Game Bow Cull Hunt

Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $2,250 / HUNTER !!!

Cull Wildebeest Bow TrophyQuick View2019 / 2020
This 7-day / 5 animal plains game bow cull hunt in South Africa is a great value, as it includes cull fees for an eland, kudu, blue wildebeest, springbok and an impala. You will hunt on a 126 sq. mi. hunting concession that features a 4-star lodge with blinds that are strategically placed on waterholes. With 70 species of animals roaming this concession, you never know what will show up at the waterhole! read more

Discounted Bow Hunting Safari in South Africa

Bow & Crossbow Only – 1 x 1 (1 Hunter / 1 Guide) Starting at $1,750 US

Discounted Bow Hunt in South AfricaQuick View2018 / 2019
This is an archery-only hunt on 22,000 acres of bushveld that have only been lightly hunted in recent years. The daily rates and trophy fees are about as good as it gets in Southern Africa. If you are a bow hunter, you do not want to miss this incredible deal that is a Discount African Hunts exclusive! read more

Discounted Plains Game Bow Hunt

Bow Only – 1 x 1 (1 Hunter / 1 Guide) Starting at $3,750 US

Discounted Plains Game Bow HuntQuick View2019 / 2020
This 7 day discounted bow hunting safari in Limpopo will take place while staying at a 43-star lodge. You will hunt a 14,200 acre privately owned concession that features multiple well-constructed blinds over water holes and feeding areas. The price includes a $2,000 trophy fee credit! read more

Free-Range Cape Buffalo Zambezi Delta Bow Hunt

Bow - Crossbow 1x1 Only $20,415 All-in!

Zambezi Delta Cape buffalo bull trophyQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a bow hunt for free-range Cape buffalo on an enormous hunting concession that fromts Mozambique's mighty Zambezi River. You will look for egrets to locate one of the herds that are part of the 20,000 + buffalo that roam these sawgrass flats and swamps. Then you will stalk you Cape buffalo bull on foot. This has been a a 100% sucess rate hunt in the past and offers the best chance to take a free-range trophy bull Cape buffalo with a bow in Africa today. read more

Premium South Africa Bow Hunting Safari

Archery Only! Only $6,995 per Hunter

Premium South Africa Bow Hunt SafariQuick View2018 / 2019
This premium bow hunting safari is one of Africa's finest bow hunts. This hunt will occur on a a concession that has been archery only since 1986. With over 20 strategically placed blinds, it is no wonder that over 12 world records have come off of this concession. The accommodations are 4-star and the bow hunting is 5-star! They only hunt the new moon from March - October so this camp fills up. Make your reservation now to experience the best bow hunting in the world! read more

Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt

Bow – Compound - Crossbow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $9,990 /HUNTER !!!

Cape Buffalo Bow HuntQuick View2019 / 2020
If you want to bow hunt for a trophy Cape buffalo, this is the place. The concession is over 12,000 acres, has over 40 buffalo bulls on it. The outfitter tells me that there are over 40 bulls on this concession that will make 40"+. So why hunt elsewhere for 36-38" buffalo and pay higher prices? This is an incredible Cape buffalo bow hunt at the right price. read more

Premium Bow Hunt in Namibia

Bow Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $6,432

Premium Bow Hunt in NamibiaQuick View2017 / 2018
This premium bow hunt in the Erongo region of Namibia will take place on a private reserve where the accommodations consist of a luxury 4-star castle. There are over 20 carefully positioned blinds from which to hunt in. The trophy quality is excellent due to the trophy management plan that this outfitter has had in place for years. There are 35 species available for hunting. This is one of the premier locations to bow hunt in all of Africa! read more

Namibia 14 Day Bow Hunt


Namibia Bow Hunt Mountain ZebraQuick View2018 / 2019
This is a great discounted plains game bow hunt in Namibia with a famous outfitter! The outfitter has reduced his daily rates from $450/day to only $300/ Day! This bow hunt in Namibia with a renowned wilderness outfitter will take place in the Okahandja region north of Windhoek on an exclusive 30,000 acre concession. Your Namibian bow hunt will take place in varying types of terrain that includes savannah, koppies, mountains and bushveld. Accommodations will consist of a tent camp with all of the modern conveniences. read more

Bow Hunting in Africa

Bow hunting in Africa is one of the greatest adventures that the modern day bow hunter can experience.  Many African countries have legalized bow hunting and have rapidly growing bow hunting industries.  Most African countries allow plains game hunting with a bow.  There are at least three African countries that prohibit hunting dangerous game when bow hunting in Africa. Namibia currently does not allow dangerous game to be hunted with archery equipment.  Zambia also does not allow bow hunting for dangerous game and prohibits the use of crossbows altogether.  Tanzania does not allow dangerous game hunting with a bow.  Tanzania also doubles the license fees and area permits if a hunter uses a bow.

The number one destination for bow hunting in Africa has to be South Africa.  South Africa allows the use of archery equipment for both plains game and dangerous game hunting safaris.  Additionally, South Africa offers a wide array of huntable species that are located in a variety of terrains.  The game ranches of South Africa have welcomed bow hunters and several of these game ranches have converted to offer bow hunting only.  This lack of gunfire keeps the animal populations rather calm and aids in getting the bow hunter within shooting range of his quarry.

Namibia is also a popular destimation country for bow hunting in Africa.  Although Namibia does not allow crossbows or archery hunting for dangerous game, a sizeable amount of outfitters offering bow hunting have emerged.  Due to Namibia’s dry climate, hunting the waterholes can be a productive way to harvest a good bag of plains game.  Namibia requires that an outfitter that offers bow hunting be licensed and certified to provide this service.  Their facilities are inspected by government officials before they can begin conducting bow hunts.  Namibia is the only country where a cheeta may be taken with archery equipment.

Other countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Cameroon offer excellent spot and stalk hunting for both regular and exotic plains game species when bow hunting Africa.  Bow hunting in Africa is truly an archer’s dream!