Small Antelope Hunts

Trophy Damara Dik Dik Hunting Safari

Bow-Rifle 1x1 ONLY $2,900 / HUNTER !!!

Trophy Damara dik-dikQuick View2019 / 2020
For those of you that need a Damara dik-dik to complete your tiny ten but have shot most of the other plains game that are available in Namibia, this is the hunt you are looking for. You will have enough time to get a trophy dik-dik and still have time to add a mountain zebra or a big kudu or gemsbok. This 5 day hunt will be based out of a 4-star lodge in the central region of Namibias that features in-suite toilets and showers. read more

Suni, Blue Duiker and Red Duiker Hunt in Zululand

Rifle-Shot Gun-Bow 1 x 1 Only $8,000 per HUNTER !

Marssive Trophy Red DuikerQuick View2019 / 2020
This tiny ten hunt for suni, blue duiker and red duiker will occor in coastal forests along the Zululand area of Kwazulu-Natal. There are good populations of all of these small antelopes and you can get three of the smallest ones on one hunt! You will stay at a 3 star lodge and be guided by a small antelope expert. read more

Hunt Sharpes Grysbok and Red Duiker in South Africa

Rifle – Shotgun - Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $3,625

Red Duiker TrophyQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a specialty hunt for Sharpe's Grysbok and Red Duiker in South Africa's Limpopo Province. The hunt will take place on a 25,000 hectare ranch that is located near the Soutpansberg Mountains. Klipspringer, grey duiker and steenbok are also available on this hunting safari. This is a great way to knock these two small antelopes off of your tiny ten list! read more

Mozambique Small Antelope Hunting Safari

Rifle, Bow, Crossbow, or Shotgun 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide ) ONLY $5,450!

Red Duiker Trophy in MozambiqueQuick View2019 / 2020
This hunt for 6 of Africa's tiny ten antelopes will take place on a 358,000 acre concession in the Sofala Province of Mozambique. The hunt will take place from a 3 star lodge having in-suite bathrooms, daily laundry service and great food! The hunting block consists of flat coastal forest with large open grassland areas occuring in patches. It is not uncommon to see 200 suni in a days time while hunting here! read more

Hunt Oribi In South Africa

Rifle-Shot Gun-Black Powder 1 x 1 Only $3,500 per HUNTER !

Hunt Oribi In South AfricaQuick View2019 / 2020
This oribi hunt in South Africa has been discounted and it is the best value on a trophy oribi hunt in all of South Africa. The hunt will be conducted on foot and some walking will be required. This area produces many trophy oribi and other free-range animals may be taken on this hunt. You will stay in a 3-Star lodge known for its excellent cuisine. read more

Tiny Ten Hunt

Rifle-Shot Gun-Black Powder 1 x 1 Only $3,500 per HUNTER !

Tiny Ten HuntQuick View2019 / 2020
This 10 day hunt in Kwazulu-Natal offers a good chance to take 7 of the tiny ten antelopes of Africa on one hunt. This outfitter specializes in these small trophy antelopes and has access to some of the finest free-range hunting areas in all of South Africa. This is a hunt you will never forget! read more

Hunt 5 of the Tiny Ten

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $2,850!!

Hunt the Tiny TenQuick View20179 / 2020
This hunt is a great opportunity to take 5 of the Tiny Ten antelopes of Africa in one location. This 10 day hunt in Limpopo's Soutpansberg Mountains offers the collector a hunt where you only pay for the animals that you harvest. This specialty animal hunt is a collectors dream and has been discounted to make it the best value for a Tiny Ten hunt in Africa! read more

Small Antelope Hunting Safaris in Africa

The African continent offers a wide variety of small antelopes.  Small antelope hunting safaris in Africa can be a challenging endeavor.  Collecting these small and sometimes diminutive members of the antelope family can offer a great challenge to even the most accomplished African hunters.  Many hunters state that collecting the tiny ten antelopes of Africa was even more difficult than taking their big five!

The tiny ten antelopes of Africa is a common quest that was started by Peter Flack.  The tiny ten antelopes of Africa consist of the Damaraland Dik-Dik, Sharp’s Grysbok, Steenbok, Cape Grysbok, Klipspringer, Common (Gray) Duiker, Blue Duiker, Red Duiker, Suni and the Oribi.  Although 9 of these small antelopes can be taken in South Africa, they are not all available in the same area.  This requires moving around the country and most hunters harvest them as byproducts of other hunting safaris until they begin to focus on achieving the coveted tiny ten antelopes of Africa and start booking their safaris with the remaining targets in mind.  No matter what, a trip to Namibia is required, as this is the only country where the Damaraland Dik-Dik is found.

The duiker family is widespread throughout the African continent and offers the collector dozens of species to hunt.  Some duikers are very rare and are located in areas that are difficult and expensive to hunt.  The royal antelope is one such small antelope and is the smallest antelope on the continent.  The yellow-baked duiker is the largest duiker and is highly sought after.  It is currently available in the Republic of the Congo, and at times in Cameron.  The zebra duiker is surely one of the most beautiful duikers and is found in difficult to hunt thick jungle areas of Liberia.  No one hunter will likely harvest all of Africa’s duikers, but small antelope hunting safaris in Africa are a passion that is hard to resist!