Sold Hunts In Africa

Elephant Hunt in Namibia

Rifle Only 1 x 1 $28,000 All-In!!

This is your chance to take an exportable trophy Bull Elephant in the desert with one of Namibia’s most experienced big game hunters. The hunt will take place in Northwest Namibia. This is a high success rate hunt. Due to good numbers of elephant and low quotas in Namibia, this outfitter has had a 100% success rate over the last several years. You may import all parts of this bull elephant including the ivory.
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Zimbabwe Cancellation Leopard Hunt

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $14,280!!!

Leopard Cancellation Hunt in ZimbabweQuick ViewTHIS HUNT HAS BEEN SOLD!!!
This is an opportunity to hunt trophy leopard in Zimbabwe due to a client moving his hunt dates. This hunt will take place on a private concession in Zimbabwe's West Nicholson area, which has a high population of leopards. The outfitter is so sure you will take a leopard that he has offered to refund 50% of the daily rates if you do not get a shot at a leopard! This is a 14 day hunt done the traditional way on bait and artificial lights may be used. read more

60" Kudu Hunt


60 inch Kudu HuntQuick View2019 / 2020
This is the chance of a lifetime to take a massive 60" kudu while being personally guided by the owner of a well-known South African outfitter. There are 2 bulls over 60" on this 4,400 acre concession in South Africa's North West Province near the town of Rustenburg. You will hunt from a 4 star lodge and only pay the trophy fee when you take your 60" or bigger kudu. read more

South Africa Trophy Leopard Hunting Safari


South Africa 13 Day Trophy Leopard Hunting SafariQuick View2019
This is your chance to take a trophy tom leopard with one of South Africa’s most experienced big game hunters. The 14 day hunt will take place in the Spec River Valley of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. This is a very good area for leopard. There is a good population of leopard in the area and they are growing fat off of the abundance of plains game in the area. This hunt will be conducted by hunting from blinds cleverly concealed near bait stations. read more

Northern Namibia Elephant Hunt

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $35,500 ALL-IN

Northern NAMIBIA ELEPHANT HUNTQuick View2017
This is a chance to hunt an elephant in Northern Namibia. This elephant permit is issued by Namibia as part of its sustainable usage program. The ivory is fully exportable and may be imported into the US with a CITES permit. This is an experience of a lifetime for an African elephant hunter, and the opportunity should not be missed. read more

South Africa Free-Range Lion Hunt


South Africa Free-Range Lion HuntQuick View2018 - SOLD!
This is the best deal on a wild lion hunt in all of Southern Africa. This trophy male free-range lion hunt will take place on a concession that borders one of the most famous parks in the world. Marauding lions have been killing the landowner's livestock and game, and he has been issued permits to remove these problem cats. read more

Non-Exportable Elephant Hunt in Namibia

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $22,,000!!!

Non-trophy Elephant Hunt in NamibiaQuick View2018 ONLY
One non-exportable elephant hunt is available in Namibia. These hunts must be taken in 2017. These are 7 day hunts and the price is $16,000 all-inclusive. One permit is available in Damaraland. Plains game is also available after the elephant has been taken. read more

African Lion Cancellation Hunt

Rifle-Black Powder- Bow 1x1 THESE HUNTS ARE SOLD!!!

African Lion Cancellation HuntQuick ViewTHESE HUNTS HAVE BEEN SOLD!!!
This is a last minute cancellation hunt for three male lions. Each male lion has been reduced from $16,000 to ONLY $11,500! This hunt must be taken by Dec. 15, 2014. Flight costs to South Africa are at their lowest during November. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to get your dream cat now! read more

Last Minute Problem Buffalo Hunting Safari


Last Minute Problem Buffalo Hunting SafariQuick View2014 - SORRY - THIS HUNT HAS BEEN SOLD!!!
Buffalo must be taken in January of 2014! This hunt takes place near Bloemfontein, South Africa. This is a steal of a deal! This renowned South African Professional Hunter has been charged with removing a “problem” Cape Buffalo from a 2200 acre fenced enclosure in South Africa’s Free State province. This is a dangerous game hunt for an ornery belligerent animal! read more

Sold African Hunting Safaris

Sold hunts are where hunts that are no longer available are stored on this website.  The reason that the sold  hunts are archived here rather than deleted is that these same hunts may become available at some time in the future.  You are still able to read the full hunt description and if you are interested in this hunt if it becomes available in the future, feel free to contact us at 727-434-0840.

Even if this sold African hunting safari  is not available, we may be able to find you a similar hunt with another outfitter in a nearby area.  It never hurts to ask, as many of our best hunting opportunities never make it on to our website, as they are sold via our Hunt Alert Newsletters that are sent out to our newsletter subscribers.  I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you are one of the first to learn about new and exciting hunts we will be offering.

Once these sold African hunting safaris become available again, the proper adjustments to the hunt details and pricing are made, and the sold hunts are moved back to the proper country and species categories.  So don’t let the fact that this is a sold African hunting safari hold you back!  Call us today at 727-434-0840.