Wing Shooting Hunts in Africa

Discounted Wing Shooting Hunt in Namibia

Shotgun Only - only $1,425 per hunter

Discounted wing shoot in NamibiaQuick View2019 / 2020
This Northwest Namibia wing shooting hunting safari offers low daily rates, no trophy fees on the harvested birds and ammo at cost. With 35,000 acres to hunt and a 4-star lodge, this is a wing shooting value that is hard to beat. Plains game is also available and day tours to Etosha National Park can be arranged. read more

Wing Shooting Hunt in South Africa

Shotgun Only 2 x 1 Only $2,000 per Hunter!

Wing Shooting Hunt in South AfricaQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a world-class wing shoot for a group of 4 hunters in South Africa's Northwest Province. Hunt ducks and geese during the early mornings and evenings and hunt over short-haired pointers during the day for Frankolin, Guinea Fowl and Partridge. This hunt is a remarkable value and offers some of the best wing shooting that Southern Africa has to offer! read more

Wing Shooting Package Hunt in Kwazulu-Natal's Zululand

Shotgun Only 2 x 1 Only $4,000 per Hunter!

Wing Shooting package in Kwazulu-NatalQuick View2018
This is a wing shooting package hunt in South Africa's Kwazulu-Natal for 4 hunters. You will hunt for both waterfowl and upland birds with one of South Africa's pioneering and most respected wing shooting outfitters. Few will experience the excitement of having 20 chanting Zulus driving wave after wave of birds over you and then doing a victory celebration dance at the end of the shoot to celebrate. read more

Wing Shooting & Plains Game Combo Hunt

Shotgun & Rifle 2 x 1 Only $3,000 US per Hunter!

Wing Shooting and Plains Game Combo HuntQuick View2019 / 2020
This is a wing shooting and plains game combination hunt in South Africa's Northwest Province near the Magliesburg mountains. You will hunt ducks and geese in the early mornings and late afternoons. In between, you will experience world-class hunting over pointers for Franklin, Partridge and Guinea. After three days of bird hunting, you will each finish your hunt by taking an Impala and a Blesbok to cap off an unforgettable hunt. read more

Wing Shooting Hunts in Africa

Wing shooting hunts in Africa are slowly gaining a reputation as the ‟new Argentina” of bird hunting.  In addition to world-class waterfowl hunting, Africa offers high-volume bird hunting for species such as dove and sand grouse that rivals anything available on other continents.  Locals have been enjoying the excellent wing shooting hunts in Africa for decades, but it is in the last 20 years that Africa has emerged onto the wing shooter’s map as a primary destination to enjoy the type of high-volume shooting that attracts the serious wing shooter.

Wing shooting hunts in Africa are led by South Africa's burgeoning wing shooting industry.  Many of its nine provinces now offer multiple outfitters that offer dedicated wing shooting hunts for international sportsmen.  South Africa offers both waterfowl hunting and upland bird hunting.  Over 20 species of birds are available for the visiting sportsman.  The best wing shooting months are June, July and August.  These months coincide with South Africa’s winter, which is also peak safari season for plains game and big game hunters.  Most wing shooting  in Africa is for two to four days in duration and is added on to the end of a traditional safari.

Common bird species hunted in southern Africa include Sand grouse and Quail.  Two species of geese are available to hunt; the Egyptian goose and the Spur-winged goose.  Popular ducks include the Yellow Bill, the African Shell duck and the White-faced Whistling duck along with several species of Teal.  Upland hunters will enjoy hunting over dogs for various species of Frankolin, Guinea fowls, Doves and Pigeons.

Namibia also has a few outfitters that offer wing shooting hunts for the visiting sportsman.  The wing shooting season in Namibia runs from May through November.  The best wing shooting hunts in Africa normally occur between July and the middle of October.  Most wing shooting hunts in Africa are set up for two to four hunters.  Some of the species available include the Namaqua sand grouse, Double banded sand grouse and the Burchell sand grouse.   Laughing doves, Cape turtle doves, Frankolin,  Spurfowls and Helmeted guinea fowl fill out the roster of available targets.  The sheer number of species available along with the volume of birds makes for great wing shooting hunts in Africa.