Discount African Hunts recommends the services offered by the following companies:

"Dedicated to Quality African Travel Packages and Budget Safaris"

African Budget Safaris has sorted the diamonds from the rough.  They guarantee that all the budget safaris, adventure travel tours and city and short stay packages are the best African Budget Travel Packages available.

Africa Safari Photo will create a lasting memory of your African hunting safari at a reasonable price.  We are highly experienced and are the cameraman of choice for several US based TV hunting shows.  We will professionally film your hunt and then eduit it into a memorable video of your entire safari experience.

AHG Shipping is a shipping company that was formed by the owner of the African Hunting gazette to facilitate and simplify the process of getting your trophies home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Simplify the process by selecting AHG Shipping to get your trophies home!

The African Hunting Gazette Magazine is the top magazine focusing on hunting on the continent of Africa.  Rich with articles about memorable African Hunting Adventures, the latest news and important issues facing Africa’s wildlife and hunting community, the African Hunting Gazette is the perfect way to stay connected to Africa in between your hunting safaris.

Global Rescue is the world’s leading membership organization providing evacuation, medical, security and travel risk management services to individuals, families, enterprises and governments.

Capp’s African Taxidermy creates wildlife artistry taxidermy of animals that are taken all over the world.  With 39 years of experience, having USDA approval, and having hunted many of these species in their native habitat, Don Capp knows how to meet a hunter’s expectations.  Capp’s Artistic Taxidermy has MAJOR discounted freight agreements in place that allow them to economically ship your finished trophies to your location., a division of Coppersmith Global Logistics, is dedicated to assisting hunters with importing their trophies from around the globe.  They have been helping hunters with this process since 1995.  Whether you are a seasoned hunter or are planning your first international trip, is there to answer your questions and assist you from any of their 9 offices nationwide.

Craig Bone is one of the top African wildlife artists in the world. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Craig has spent many years in the bush collecting reference photos and inspiration for his paintings. Craig left his homeland in 2004 for his new home in America where he and his family are proud to have become citizens.  His studio is now in Florida and his artwork can be seen on display in the homes and game rooms of discerning collectors throughout the world.  A Craig Bone painting brings you back to Africa over and over again!

Global Rescue is the world’s leading membership organization providing evacuation, medical, security and travel risk management services to individuals, families, enterprises and governments.

Jongosi Media is a full-service video company that specializes in creating lasting memories of African Hunting safaris. Offering both video recording services and full editing services, Jongosi can create a record of your most memorable moments!

If you haven’t been to Africa before, or you are new to Cape Buffalo or Lion / Leopard Hunting, Craig Boddington has created educational courses to prepare you for your hunt:

  • Plains Game Safari Preparation Course 
  • Cape Buffalo Safari Preparation Course
  • Great Cats Safari Preparation Course 

To sign up for the course that applies to your hunt, click HERE.  Although there is a cost associated with taking these courses, it is one of the best and most complete ways of getting ready for your first hunt of this type to Africa.

Travel Express specializes in helping hunters get to their hunting destinations worry-free.  With years of experience dealing with travel to African countries with or without firearms, Travel Express is there to help you through the worrisome complexities of constantly changing regulations and logistics.

The Wildlife Gallery offers world-class taxidermy and tanning services to hunters throughout North America. Located in Blanchard, Michigan, The Wildlife Gallery mounts and ships life-like mounts and replicas all over the world.  If you want your trophy to look like a piece of art, then this is the taxidermist to use!